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'Astraea' 2023 Calendar

RM 50.00

'Astraea' is the goddess of the stars. I've always fasinated with greek goddesses, this year would be the homage to one of them, but of course with my own twist.

  • Risograph Printed, A3
  •  RJ Paper Summer Off White, 120 gsm
  • First 10 pieces -signed with metallic silver ink

Risograph printing is a technique best described as a ‘digital screen printing’. The process is similar to screen printing, but with the convenience of an office copier. It’s known for its vivid, fluorescent colours (that other printers can’t produce) and its specific textures. These machines deliver ‘perfect imperfections’ and provide a cheap and easy method for reproducing work at large quantities, like posters, prints and zines.

Imperfections are normal in riso prints, embrace them as each pieces are unique.